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We have almost 20 years of experience when it comes to construction, renovation and remodeling that has enabled us to be at the top of our competitors. We pride ourselves in our ability to pay attention to the smallest of details regardless of the scale of the job in question.

Our clients value quality services and so do we. That being said, we pride ourselves with a diverse team that is knowledgeable when it comes to the right materials and products to use in the different parts of your home to achieve the desired result. In addition to using the right materials, we ensure that you get the most out of your money by making use of materials with long-term and comprehensive warranties, and we have a proven and thorough renovation process.

We understand the urgency with which our clients desire to return to their new and improved homes as well as the value of time for all involved. We, therefore, endeavor to provide quality services in a timely manner.

At the end of the day, it is our clients that make the brand and as such it is our clients’ needs and wants that are the epicenter of all that we do. This is why we walk through the entire renovation journey with our clients. We want to ensure that the end result is what they were dreaming of for their new home renovation.

Our Renovation Process


It is one thing to acknowledge that your home is in need of a redesign and another to actually have it done. The next logical step is finding the right partner to do your renovations with. It is important that you consider not only the financial and skill compatibility with any given country but the personality compatibility as well.

We endeavour to listen to and guide our clients through the renovation process. During consultations, our clients are able to get a clearer, more practical picture of what they hope to achieve. This is the stage at which we discuss budgets, ideas, timelines and any other issues that might be of concern to you.


After successfully drawing up the renovation plans, the various aspects that will be entailed in your renovation process, the next logical step would be to organize these activities in a manner that makes sense to everyone involved. We understand that the renovation and remodeling of your home will need adjustments to be made. This is why we shall endeavour to plan activities around your time frames and assign time frames for deliverable milestones.

Purchasing Materials

We know what we want to accomplish, how we want to accomplish it and when it should be accomplished. The last missing piece of the puzzle is getting ready with the things that we need to accomplish the tasks ahead.

At Renovations Red Deer, we pride ourselves with the ability to match your needs and budget estimates to quality materials that will definitely give you your money’s worth.  Our team of certified experts will guide you on the items purchasing process. We prefer to use items with a long-term warranty in order to give you longevity in your purchase.

What Types of Renovations Do We Do in Red Deer AB?

Our diverse team allows us the flexibility to take on a wide range of renovations. We actualize your ideas and visualizations in the best way possible. Do not let financial constraints be the reason why you struggle with a less than desirable interior and or home fixtures. Our packages are flexible, and tailor made to suit the needs and financial capabilities of all our clients. So regardless of the size of your wallet, give us the chance to help you give the following spaces a new lease of life:


Mess of All kind of Painting Equipment in the Kitchen
Hammer and nails on construction site, on wooden board. Soft, vintage effect

Should I Do It Myself?

A home is a source of peace and tranquillity for most people. Given the amount of time that we spend within the confines of our homes, it is no wonder that we want the best that money can buy within our homes. Every once in a while, however, we feel the urge to switch things up and may want to simply change the décor of the home or go further by doing a full renovation.

Finances can be a limiting factor when it comes to completely renovating a home. For that reason, a good majority of home owners choose to go the DIY route. However, it does not have to cost you an excessive amount in order to get the perfect home. With the right contractors, you can easily achieve your dream home at a rate that is friendly to your pocket.

Take a moment and think about it… Do you really have all the technical know-how to redo every aspect of your home? Can you really take down that unnecessary wall in the living room and create the much-needed extra space? If you are an amazing human being and have all this knowledge at your fingertips, do you really have the time to redo the entire house? Most people either do not have the skills required to complete a renovation, do not have the time, or a combination of the two. Hiring qualified contractors not only saves you time in the long run but, believe it or not, money as well.

What Are The Short-Term Benefits Of Remodelling?

Why should I fix it if it is not broken? Renovating and redeveloping your home will do much more than give it a face lift. You can enjoy many benefits when it comes to renovating your home. Here are several ways that you can reap the benefits of your new home renovation.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

By getting rid of the old and embracing the new, you give yourself the opportunity to make use of new technologies. In today’s world, people are becoming more and more environmental conscious. As such, manufacturers and designers of technologies, in different fields for different products, are focusing on making energy efficient products that demand less from our natural resources.

The good news for you is that the more energy efficient the materials used, the more cost efficient your home is. This is more so in regard to utility related bills. Energy efficient appliances and other features in your home, like light fixtures and bulbs, help lower the everyday cost of living.

De-clutter Your Home

In order to remodel any space within the home, you need to clear the said space of your belongings for a while. It is in this process that we stumble upon items that we seldom use and need to get rid of. In the same breath, we come across items that are of sentimental value. Re modelling is, therefore, a great opportunity for you to reorganize your home and get rid of the clutter and store the things that are more sentimental in a safe location.

Satisfy Your Creative Side

A home renovation is your chance to explore the extents of your creativity. You get the chance to try out something different with your space. The satisfaction derived from achieving the much-needed change only adds to improve your comfort and confidence in your home. Plus, redeveloping gives you the added advantage of turning your previously underutilized rooms into useful spaces for socializing or even as spaces to rent, like a bedroom that does not get used.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits of Renovations in Red Deer?

Aside from reducing the costs you have to incur while maintaining your home, there are more long-term benefits of remodeling your home. A fresh-looking home for instance will fetch more on the market compared to one that has not been given a face lift in a while. Buyers understand that although they may be paying more for a renovated home, they will in the long run spend less maintaining the home or needing to renovate it themselves. Buyers prefer to buy homes that are move-in-ready.

Is Your Home Ready For A Renovation?

Before you get consumed with the creative excitement that comes with remodeling and renovations, take a moment to consider just how prepared you actually are for the renovation. Considerations to be made are not only from a financial point of view, you need to consider the time and space inconvenience that this will cause.

Renovating your home will require you to forego some of the comforts you are used to. You, therefore, need to plan accordingly for enough space to replace the area that is being renovated with a temporary, yet comfortable and functional, alternative.

Lastly, you need to be psychologically prepared for the fact that there will be a number of new faces constantly coming in and out of the house. So, plan your alternative space in such a way that this constant movement shall not interfere with your comfort and privacy.


Different Renovation Options

Regardless of the size of your renovation project, we are the right people for you. We are capable of taking on small, single room projects as well as larger full home projects. If it is that basement you have been wanting to convert into a new family room or rental space, or that bedroom you have been meaning to expand, we have you covered. There are many available renovation options that we can do for you. All you need to do is call us and set up a consultation to go through what your dream home looks like.

What If Other Contractors Failed To Complete A Project?

We are often called upon when a local handyman, or fly-by-night contractor abandons a project. While not ideal, we will bring our level of professionalism to the project, and make sure it is competed properly. Like we said, our clients value quality and timely services and so do we.


Your Renovation Red Deer Consultation

Our consultation process involves you from day 1. We help you understand the different demands that come with your renovation project, the different materials used, and the expected time taken for the project to be completed. We endeavor to help our clients adequately prepare for their renovation, making sure we work with your schedule to deliver terrific quality.

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