Nowadays, more and more people devote themselves to remote work or try to create their own home businesses. Generally, it means that more and more freelancers need a comfortable and silent place within their living area which will allow them to be productive and not be disturbed by noises and other people.

Some of them convert an already existing room into an office. It can be a guest room or an extra bedroom which turns into a home office. But what if you do not have extra space in your house? In this case, your basement can be transformed into a perfect and silent office room. Some tips will help you carry out necessary procedures.

First of all, make sure your basement is finished. If there are still some things to do there, free some space, get rid of old useless stuff. Another thing to consider is making it waterproof. If you need to put your computer there and other office machines, extra moisture will simply destroy them without a decent insulation. Hire a specialist if needed, as some of the procedures cannot be accomplished without knowledge and experience. Waterproofing is the costliest and the most essential step on the way to creating your perfect home work area.

As soon as it is waterproof, you should move to the next level. Make sure you have electricity, good quality phone connection, and uninterrupted internet in your basement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work productively, being distracted and irritated by constant technical issues. Sometimes, wireless internet connection fails in basements, so you might need special hardware to keep it working.

You should create a perfect work atmosphere for yourself. Most probably, you will need silence and privacy for making phone calls, participate in webinars and simply work on your ideas without being interrupted by sudden noises from the outside. Consider adding sound proofing insulation to the walls and ceiling of your office to ensure that any sudden noises do not distract or interrupt you.

Think about lighting and access of fresh air into the office. Thus, you will not feel like your office is more like a dungeon than a relaxing place to work. If you are short of ideas on how to make it work, get a consultation from a professional interior designer and renovation company. They will definitely help you make things work.

Think about the look of your room. What colors, furniture, and decor will make you work more productively? Will you be less distracted with pastel colors and clean walls? Do you prefer minimalist design or old-fashioned heavy furniture?

It is not an easy project, but it is worth all the efforts made. Not being obliged to go to work every day, spend time in traffic, be interrupted by dozens of the colleagues, dress code, work drama, etc. can make work life seem less stressful. You can have all the comfort you need at your own house.