One of the ways to create an in-law apartment is a basement renovation. If it is done correctly, it will also be an energy-efficient place. The main purpose of the project will be to make it more apartment-like to give the feel of a home. It will depend on such things as a ceiling height, total space and the amount of natural lighting. Be aware of several important conditions of such reconstruction work.


Extra moisture


Moisture can be in the walls of the basement. However, the problem of condensation can be easily solved. Excessive moisture can be reduced with the help of dehumidifiers and sump pumps. They will not make it disappear completely, but if you do it right you can potentially eliminate most moisture problems in the basement. Better ventilation will help to improve the situation too.

It is also recommended to keep downspouts and gutters clear, thus directing water away from the house foundation. Also, you can remove excessive vegetation in the yard to improve air circulation.

It is important to insulate the basement properly in order to keep the air clean and avoid moisture. They use panels of special materials to protect the walls. These panels have special shapes in the inner side which provides moisture drainage keeping the walls dry. Your local renovation company will be sure to know what to do to make your Red Deer basement renovation cozy for your in-laws.


Make sure you have enough headroom


To make the basement look like an ideal place for living, you will have to lower the basement floor level or raise the house if the ceilings downstairs is lower than normal. This is a significant piece of work which includes the creation of extra support for the house, excavation, foundation replacement and improvement of the drainage system.


Build the entrance and the exit


It is required to have an emergency exit and an entry. Emergency exit or egress can be created in several ways. One of which is a large window, or a door connected to the garage. Commonly an entrance can be connected directly to the house by creating a separate door from the outside on the back of the house or the side.


Increase the natural light


If a basement is completely underground, it can be a challenge to bring more natural light to the basement, but it is possible. You can create window wells and another solution is a light tube running from the roof. You will be required to have one window per bedroom as is the regulations. If there aren’t many windows downstairs already, you may want to consider adding a few more windows to brighten the area and give the ability to open windows for fresh air.




If you do not have a bathroom downstairs, you will need to add one which can be costly. The cement will have to be broken up so that you will be able to put the plumbing in and attach it to the sewer lines. While you are at it, you may want to make the bathroom slightly larger so that you can add a stackable washer and dryer in there. It is a good idea to keep any plumbing that is needed close together to keep the costs down.