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The bathroom in a home is one of the top priorities that homeowners want done when it comes to home renovations. Many people choose a bathroom reno because they want to create a place that is functional, but at the same time many want to be able to have a spa like atmosphere for the days we come home and need to just relax. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a top-quality Red Deer bathroom renovation.

The bathroom is meant to be a functional room, to fulfill very specific duties, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be designed in an elaborate and stylish way in the same manner a kitchen or a living room can be. Which is why when homeowners are planning to renovate their bathrooms, they want the full spa-like treatment and want to include things like a soaker tub or maybe even in-floor heating.

On the other hand, there are homeowners who simply want to make their bathrooms a smart and efficient place where they can get ready quickly and tackle the challenges of the day ahead.

Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a vibrant oasis or a paradise for the senses with hot tub included or creating a smart and quick environment with a new luxury shower, there is only one place you can go to in Red Deer, Alberta and that is Renovations Red Deer.

The professional and highly qualified team of designers and contractors at Renovations Red Deer will help you turn your dreams into reality by giving you the bathroom you always wanted. Everything from showers and tubs, sinks and cabinets, flooring and tiles, to plumbing and electrical work, you can rest assured we will deliver high quality work with a quick turnaround.

The process of remodeling or renovating your bathroom begins with an idea and ends with your dreams coming true, but, there are a set of steps in between that have to happen before you can have the bathroom renovation completed. We are going to walk you through them to help put your mind at ease and help you know what steps you will need to do to start your bathroom remodeling.


Quote and First Consultation

As mentioned earlier, your bathroom renovation begins with an idea and your decision to see it come to pass. Call our office to set up a time that works for you to get a quote and an initial sit down with one of our experts, who is more than qualified to discuss the project in-depth with you. If you know what you are wanting to do in your bathroom already and have specifics already, then you will be attended by one of our designers which will work with you and will turn your idea into an early draft. If you do not have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for in your bathroom remodeling, renovation or improvement, then you can trust our experience and knowledge to work closely with you and develop a plan that goes along with your tastes and any other input you may have.


In any case, you need to provide as many details as possible, do not hold anything back, this is your dream bathroom, the more input you provide the better the end result will be.

On-site Assessment

After you get your quote and have the initial interview with our team, we will schedule a visit to your home and conduct a thorough assessment of the space. During this inspection, you will get a more accurate quote. The consultant will also take notes and measurements of your bathroom, gathering all the data needed for the renovation plans. At this point, the early draft may change, it all depends on what you wanted and the space available. Our Renovation Red Deer professionals will help you during the designing process and we also have experts available to help you pick the products that will go into the bathroom, like any new bathtubs, showers, tiling, flooring, lighting, etc. that you are wanting in your newly renovated bathroom. They can give you any advice or answer any questions you may have about any of the products so that you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you want and stay within your budget.

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There is a common misconception that because the bathroom is the smallest room of the house, a renovation or remodeling project should be fast, but that is not really true. This is also the room with the most plumbing and electrical work required and it can take time, especially if at anytime during the process we run into unforeseen issues. However, we strive to keep your scheduled project on-time and on budget. If something unforeseen does arise, we will work with you to decide what needs to be done accordingly.

At Renovation Red Deer we always offering the best rates, so you won’t have to sacrifice your dreams and not go bankrupt in the process.

Renovation or Remodeling

While our team is working on your house you can rest assured they will conduct themselves with professionalism and give you and your home the respect deserved. We will minimize the impact of our presence and will use drop sheets to prevent dirt from spreading and be sure not to leave anything from the renovation for you to clean up.


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