Many people start renovating projects in autumn. It’s a perfect season for improving your house, as the weather is not so hot anymore, and winter’s chill isn’t yet here.


However, every project is a challenge and it causes stress not only to the home owners, but also to their pets. Lots of unusual noises, new smells, piles of garbage and unknown objects can confuse our little fur-friends. Additionally, pet owners can become too busy to pay enough attention to their pets.


That is why, you should first of all try to notice if your four-legged friend shows any signs of stress. These can include: loss of appetite, clumsiness, change of behavior, loss of fur and messes around the house. In order to avoid these destructive consequences and save your dog or cat’s health, follow the advice given by our experts.


Be responsible for your pet


Workers who help you with renovation are not hired to look after your pets. Make sure your cat or dog doesn’t run away when the door is open or doesn’t swallow dangerous substances. If you work by yourself, make sure that one family member keeps an eye on your little friend.


Keep things under control


If you are too busy to check on if your pet is alright, keep them in a safe place where they cannot hurt themselves. If you have a spare room, not accessible to anyone else, it’s perfect. The place should be free of noises and tools which might scare the animal. Surround your pets with their favorite toys and objects to make them feel comfortable. Additionally, having a separate room, the pet will not cause any delays or distract workers.


Think about a dog sitter


Have you ever thought that it could be a great idea to get away from all the noise and mess in the house during renovation? You can stay, but your pet might be happy to go on a “vacation” to one of your family members or a pet sitter. Hopefully, you have a person who you trust and who loves your pet not less than you do.


Don’t neglect rituals


As your pet may be feeling confused about the changes occurring, try to keep the rest of the things as normal as possible for your pet. Keep feeding and playing with them regularly, go out for a walk as you used to before. Don’t throw away his old toys and pillows, even if they do not fit the environment of your new house anymore. He needs time to get used to new smells and surroundings and then you can slowly introduce the new things and slowly get rid of the older ones.


Keep calm


You have to stay calm whatever happens. Stress dealing with the renovation project can be enormous, but you should try to stay in a good mood and maintain positive attitude. It is important for your family, including the pets.


Consider a renovation project for your pet


While you are still working on it, why would you not implement a cute idea to make your pet happy? Ask your renovation contractor to make a new bed for the dog or toys for the cat. It will make them happier. If you are doing a renovation that requires a new hand rail, you will want to consider which will be best for your pet a wooden or a metal railing.