The selection of handrails while renovating your basement or building a new home can be filled with many options to choose from. It is also imperative that you know how to install the rail correctly. There are two main types of handrails, one is metal and the other one is wooden handrail.

Wooden handrails are the most used type and there are many reasons behind that. The first reason behind that is because wooden handrails are least expensive and very easy to install. Anyone with a little experience of carpentry can install wooden handrails without any machine or special tools. They can also be made quite easily. Another reason why people prefer wooden handrails over metal ones is because metal handrails costs much more than the wooden ones and it requires an expert person to install the handrails.

But the thing which people don’t know is that metal handrails are a much safer option than the wooden ones. In short, metal handrails are a life saver because of their strength. They are far stronger than the wooden handrails because a single square inch of that steel has a tensile strength of 36,000 pounds per square inch. Another reason why you should choose metal over wood is because metal can be molded, welded or forged according to your need.

Imagine if you slip over something while walking up to your upper floor, you lose your balance and then you rely on your handrails by putting your whole weight on it. Is your wooden handrail going to resist your weight? Not necessarily, depending on the quality of the wood. Metal handrail can save your life at that moment as they are more solid. Wooden handrails can be made cheaply and could essentially not designed to hold any amount of extra weight or strain onto them.

So if you are thinking about renovating your basement and need a new handrail installed, consider a metal handrail vs a wooden one. Check out this article Basement Renovation Tips to help you with your basement renovation.