Having to deal with other people who work on your home renovation is a real art. Good communication and nice relationship are key components of successful work no matter what type of renovation you are doing, full scale or going minimal. The tips below will be useful for those who struggle with the idea of hiring an army of contractors for your renovation project.


Renovation Tips


Take care of your neighbors


The renovation process is loud and disturbing. Most probably, your neighbors will not be excited about the things going on not far from their windows. Make sure you warn them in advance with a notice letter or a friendly conversation. They will appreciate it. It is important that you leave them your contact information, so they can reach out whenever some things go out of control.


Be polite


Getting angry and losing temper have never improved any difficult situation. On the contrary, your negative reaction can lead to a chain of misfortune and cause new troubles. Be nice and try to solve the issues in a simple way.


Make notes


While communicating with people, write down all the important information: lists, schedules, prices, work plans. Written information works better than rephrasing someone else’s words by memory.


Increase the given time frame


Even if it is well calculated, it’s still not enough. Usually, things can get out of control because of various unpredictable circumstances. In your mind, add some time to the promised deadline to avoid further disappointment.


Keep it clean


Even if you have the neatest workers, be realistic. The renovation process is a dirty work. Whether you are prepared or not, everything will be covered in dust. Prepare some sheets of film or old cardboard to cover the furniture, keep the rest of the rooms closed and aired. Be prepared for some damages, which are, unfortunately, inevitable.


Ask workers to clean up after themselves


It is still part of their work to keep the workplace clean. Explain your requirements and make sure they comply with them. If they smoke outside, ask them to use an ashtray.


Don’t be afraid to talk


Of course, no-one likes those who complain and nag all the time. But speak when you need to and don’t let important things go with the flow.


Keep calm whatever happens


When you deal with other people, remember that communication is a key factor. Calm conversations work the best. Even if you want to yell at people, make an effort and save your energy on more productive things.


Don’t let the work routine ruin your family relationships


This is one of the most complicated tasks during renovation works. You can get tired, frustrated and irritated. Let some things go, try to heal negative stuff with humor and focus on the main purpose. Concentrate on the result and your future life after all the mess is gone.