It is obvious that a good quality floor defines the character and the atmosphere in the room. Nowadays, with existing possibilities, you can choose elegant styles or go for a more traditional, cozy rustic fashion.

The variety of materials allows you to choose anything to suit your tastes. But before you make a final decision, learn about the main characteristics of options represented on the market.


Site-finished flooring


Site-finished means that the floor has been polished, cleaned and finished after the installation. This type of flooring looks amazing in a Red Deer kitchen renovation, its quality is perfect, which can explain the expensive price. The main downside of this project is that the homeowners have to find another place to stay while the work is in progress.

The most popular materials are birch, oak, and maple. Other options are walnuts and cherry. A really beautiful floor can be made using these materials, but take into account a higher price, too.

You should not neglect the wood quality when you choose the flooring type. Highly ranked materials have zero imperfections and knots. They also differ in color.


Rustic style


If you choose flooring made of wider planks, it will contribute greatly to the visual effect of the size of your rooms. This style also makes the place look rustic. Nowadays, homeowners are really interested in a better quality of flooring in their house.

Aged hardwood has regained popularity. Its presence in the room adds warmth and creates a special atmosphere in any room. The materials for flooring can be received from logs that have been salvaged from ponds, lakes, and rivers. It is also possible to recycle the flooring from old houses.


Color stains as design solutions


Different color patterns of the wood used in flooring can definitely change the way the room looks. Light stains on the wood add volume and make the room look modern. Dark stains are associated with elegance and a sophisticated attitude. Recently, the homeowners started to give preference to gray shades of flooring.


Engineered and pre-finished flooring


The main perk of engineered flooring is its lower price. Additionally, it’s easier to work with and the installation doesn’t take too much time. It is also temperature- and moisture resistant and therefore can be a great option for a downstairs in-law suite. The technology of sanding and finishing is significantly improved with this type of flooring. Engineered wood flooring allows more choice of wood types. But definitely, traditional options stay more popular than exotic ones.

The final decision will depend on your personal conditions: the possibility to move to another place for the period of work, your taste and financial situation.